Sat. Jun 25th, 2022

I hadn’t used a food processor ever before in my life. No one I knew really used one, so no one ever taught me how to use one or what it was for. Unbeknownst to me, I was about to find all of that out.

Once we had kids, a lot changed in our lives. There were no more happy hours and saying forget cooking, let’s just eat at a restaurant. It was time to commit to cooking at home on most evenings. In preparation, I decided to get a few different kitchen tools that I researched and were essentially the most useful to have.

The one thing that made me really excited to get going was definitely my Cuisinart food processor. I was shocked at learning all of the different things I could do with it.  I had no idea how I didn’t find out sooner. It makes preparing food so much easier. Not that I mind food prepping, I actually do enjoy it, but in certain situations it can be so time consuming.

Plus, having kids adds up when it comes to how much you spend on food. I always had a lot of leftovers for dinner another night and for lunches to take to school and work. And everything I was making was healthier than its store bought counterpart. The more I used it, the more I wanted to keep using it as much as I could. It was so cool!

After some quick research, I realized I could find parts for it at KitchenWorksUSA where they make actual Cuisinart DLC-7 parts. I was able to purchase different types of blades, a dough blade and bigger bowls to make larger quantities. 

Now I’m making bigger batches of everything for guaranteed leftovers, food to send to my parents, for get-togethers for holidays and other family events, like cookies, homemade bread, and dips. It makes it so easy to keep meals healthy for the whole family, and they hardly even realize it.

Preparing food for the week seemed like it would be so time consuming and I’d never be able to fit it in. Now I have no excuses. I can chop, slice, blend, mix and grate just about anything, so the options are really limitless. I love that I don’t have to manually cut things up myself anymore. My time is cut down so much with food preparation, all it takes is some planning just like anything else, and instead I’m able to focus more on the things that matter most, like my family.

I already have a bunch of recipes saved that I want to make in the future, and a list of items I want to buy for the Cuisinart food processor. I know I’ll need some replacement parts, and I figure it’s better to have them before I need them so I don’t have to wait for them to arrive.

I’ve had many conversations at my parents’ groups about how this changed our routine for the better. So many people were interested in hearing what I had to say, and I’m pretty sure I inspired a few of them to give this idea a go. I’m definitely sure none of them will be disappointed if they try it.

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