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Are you thinking of DIY of the external wall this season? Listed below are some easy to follow tips to paint your external wall perfectly – 

Plan the painting work well in advance

Though we all plan for the day, there is some systematic approach that we need to follow. This ensures the work is done perfectly. Write down the list of all that you would like to do to complete the project. Simple liner or points would be sufficient to help you remind all that you have in your mind.

The list helps you to focus, instead of running from one corner to the other. The list should have all the repair works, paint colours, other materials needed, special notes that you tend to forget, a budget list and similar information that you can keep reading to not miss a point in the end.

Getting ready to paint

Painting is a lot of hard work, and to make the work simpler, you need to prepare yourself. The right preparation is the key to have a successful result.

The list of preparation is –

  • Jet wash the walls from top to bottom. Try removing the chipped paints and dirt thoroughly
  • Remove the traces of paint using a paint scraper. Then sand down the areas that are uneven with bulges or dents.
  • Fix the holes, cracks and crumbling masonry.
  • Remove all the wall furniture, light fittings and pipelines
  • Use safety protection such as paint gloves, eyewear and face shield while painting.
  • Allow the walls to dry completely before applying the fresh coat. This is because the moisture will ruin the new paint.

Use dust sheets or old blankets to cover all the areas that need not be painted such as the windows, air vents, downpipes. This avoids after paint cleaning needs. 

Start the job

Listed below are some of the important points to take care of while painting the exterior walls –

  • Always paint in one direction.
  • Start from the top of the building and finish the cutting first
  • Use brush to paint those areas that cannot be easily reached by a roller
  • Do not be too generous with the paint if you are using rollers, as it will drip and leave streaks on the wall.
  • Allow enough time to dry the paints between the coats. Else the paint will dry and peel off.
  • Use shorter strokes while doing trim such as window frames and sills

Right weather to achieve the best finish

  • Do not paint the damp wall. Avoid painting the wall as soon as washing the wall of rain. 
  • Similarly, avoid a misty morning of there is dew in the air as the moisture is not good for paints.
  • Ensure to check the weather forecast 
  • Avoid painting on a hot and sunny day as the paint will dry quickly and result in bubbles
  • Mix the paint well to avoid the variation in paint colour

Getting the exterior wall is a stressful job. One needs to invest time, money and energy in the painting process. To achieve the best results, it is best to hire professional painters.  Painting is not just to make the house look good but also to offer protection and waterproofing. Hence Ensure to invest in good quality paint depending on the type of wall you have on the building. 

The traditional Paint Company offers a wide range of paint colours to match any image you have in your mind.

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