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Nothing like Khaoyai

Khaoyai is considered the Noah’s Ark of Thailand because the place is blessed by mother nature. If you are recently married, then do not wait but plan your honeymoon in Khaoyai (ฮั นี มูน เขา ใหญ่, which is the term in Thai) to get the feel of nature and its freshness. It is the place of animals, be it big or small. Khaoyai in Thailand is the true animal park for mammals and birds. It has almost 20 species of big animals like elephants, black bulls called gaurs, and sambar, which are deer with cute ears, wild dogs, wild pigs, and different kinds of macaques. Never miss the sight of unicorns, parrots, magpies, and hornbills. It is a place of snakes. 

Discover Mountain with greens

Honeymooners will not be devoid of green and from the view of mountains. This is the ideal place for two to three hours of trek or hike. There are magnificent waterfalls like Haew Narok, Haew Suwat, and Pha Kluai Mai. It will give a different excitement when the couple walks by the streams and cross them at intervals. The selfies clicked at the wild green prairies will enhance their experience with pleasure. Khao Khiaw and Khao Laem are the two peaks that make the place more beautiful and heavenly. The experience is unforgettable and is considered a jewel of mother earth. The place can be visited throughout the year, but the best time would be November to April.

Bird watcher’s paradise

Khaoyai is a place that one can reach in four hours from Bangkok. It is the bird watcher’s paradise. If you wish to glimpse drongos, broadbills, mountain scops-owls, great slaty woodpeckers, collared owlets, blue-winged leafbirds, scarlet minivets, and Asian fairy bluebirds, then this is the right place. One can reach this place by private taxi, buses, and minivans. There are two international airports near Khaoyai: Suvarnabhumi and Don Mueang International Airport. Pak Chong is the nearest railway station from where taxis are available. If you visit the place in the March and April migration of birds, you will see the migration of birds. 

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