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Houston is ever busy so any time of year you’re visiting, there are plenty of events to make your trip unforgettable like their art fairs, cultural festivals, markets in unique venues around, and most importantly they have various Flower shops and florists to brighten up your stay. I will be giving you a rundown of some events that are held all through the year the guide on the best flower that suits that special occasion you want to attend.

Lunar New Year Houston

The cultural diversity of Houston has brought out some quality cultural celebrations like the lunar New year, which in the Chinese lunar calendar a different animal or mythological beast represents every year in a twelve-year cycle. Enjoy dance, theatrics, and music virtually this year in this cultural celebration, various displays of flowers. Some flowers are mostly used during this Occasion like the Azaleas, Narcissus, Water Lilies, Peach Blossoms, Lucky Bamboo, sunflowers delivery Houston, TXand Peonies.

Orchids Special Occasion Flower

Orchids are Flower for any Houston special occasion flower as it is widely used on different occasions in Houston. It might be to Congratulate a friend, say “Happy Birthday,” or simply let someone know they’re on your mind with a beautiful flower bouquet. This flower symbolizes fertility, luxury, beauty, wealth, luck,  abundance, which is fitting for the limitless supply of these beauties at the festival’s flower markets. This is because a bouquet or potted orchid is one of the most common gifts for friends and family during celebrations. They also can be gotten from local florist Houston.

Peach Blossoms Occasion Flower

During Houston lunar new year or valentine, You’ll find plenty of these blossoms at flower markets and in homes to decorate for the holiday, and it’s sacred and customary to put these flowers invaluable, extravagant vases. The peach Blossoms represent romance, growth, and longevity, and many believe they ignite romantic luck for those who are single.

Water Lilies Occasion Flower

This pure white, fragrant bloom is a Lunar New Year flower and is used on some other occasions in Houston. Their aroma is soothing which makes water lilies thrive in a shallow dish of water, giving them a calming and delicate appearance. They have several meanings, including rebirth, optimism, peace, good fortune, enlightenment, all this and .ore add up to determine the occasion it will be used in.

Narcissus Special Occasion Flower

The most common symbolic meanings of the Narcissus flower are rebirth, renewal, the coming, good luck, happiness, prosperity, wealth, a symbol for egotism, because of its place in the Greek myth, It also signifies an omen of future misfortune, a symbol of inspiration.

Peonies Special Occasion Flower

The peony is the flower is a symbol of riches, honor, femininity, peace, innocence, and charm. They also represent good fortune and are used on many occasions.

Azaleas Special Occasion Flower

This is another great Flower that represents thoughtfulness, mostly found in front of houses in Houston, and this is like a present to guests with a new year greeting, While the red is the traditional azalea choice for the Lunar New Year in Houston.

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