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Socks are some of the most overlooked items in men’s clothing. But socks are the most important accessory to make your everyday look perfect. The right pair of socks can be a great complement to your outfit and overall look. Stop spending so much time thinking about how to pair your socks? Use our fashion guidelines to combine men’s novelties, dresses, and casual socks.

  1. Basic Guidelines:
  • Use accent colors on your socks to match your everyday look.
  • Compare your outfit with leading socks.
  • Step out of your comfort zone and be a little more aggressive in your sock selection.
  • Stop waiting for the pair’s second sock to appear. Invest in some new quality and colorful men’s socks.
  1. Socks Variations:

Based on your outfit, you should choose the right type of socks. A good pair of no-shows is enough for a street/urban look. For the more business professional dresser, your basic mid-calf crew socks are the way to go. Your need for exercise grabs a pair of athletic socks that help absorb the sweat of your workout.

  1. Material:

It is made from a wide variety of materials such as cotton, wool, polyester, and nylon. It is believed that cotton and wool absorb sweat and allow moisture to escape.

Cotton sock material: lightweight, cool and durable

Fleece: Keeps your feet warm during the cold winter months

  1. Types of Socks:

Dress socks

Men’s dress socks are worn in combination with formal clothing such as dress shoes, dress shirts and trousers/slacks.

Athletic socks

Add more compression along the calf and arch for added support and comfort. Bold is preferable when choosing a color for your exercise routine.

Novelty socks:

It’s all a matter of fun. Choose the pattern that suits your personality. Choose from skulls, sharks, crabs, mustaches, stripes, argyle, guitar, yachts, balloons and many more. The options are endless. Put some pants in your cuffs to expose your socks for the day!

The right pair of these can enhance your overall personality. It is always important to choose and pair socks in the right way to sport the best look. 


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