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Many don’t know at first that towing a vehicle with Slide Car Bang Khen (รถสไลด์บางเขน which is the term in Thai) for example can be dangerous when you’re not careful. Therefore, if you need to tow an immobilized vehicle, it is essential to take some precautions to avoid being exposed to danger.

Necessary Precautions

If possible, get an iron crankshaft (a long cylindrical tool that looks very similar to a pipe) or use a nylon rope as we emphasized above. The vehicle that will be towed must have at most an equivalent weight to the one that will be the tug.

Vehicles with an automatic transmission must not be towed because the lubrication pump does not work if the engine is off.

Know-How To Hitch The Rope

The maximum length of the rope or tow bar is 3 meters, be aware that tow rings must secure it. Do not attach the rope or towbar to a bumper or other places as it is very dangerous.

How To Drive The Towing Vehicle

One of the essential points of a trailer made with the help of another vehicle is that both the tug driver and the trailer driver get along well and can drive together. Before starting the towing, it is essential that the driver of the car to be towed matches the signaling with the tug, turn on the alert, and the headlights, even if it is daylight and clear.

Never exceed the speed allowed for towed cars, 70 km/h. If you are in the towing vehicle, make signals well in advance for the towed car when you notice that it has curves, humps, and especially descents. Remember that turned-off cars, like towed cars, have an inefficient brake system.

How To Drive The Towed Car

Of course, the one who is in the towing car is more complicated because he has to drive and guide the towed vehicle, but the second person also has a good job on his hands. Check out some very interesting tips on how to drive a towed car.

Start by turning on the ignition key so that the steering does not lock and so you can turn on the headlights. Use the brake very carefully to prevent the rope connecting the two vehicles from being constantly strained; this can cause severe accidents.

Pay full attention to what you are doing and keep an eye on the signs that the tug driver is giving you to the road, such as the appearance of bumps, curves, and descents.

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