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Vehicles are very important to travel from one place to another. Driving your car by yourself is a good option when you need to cover a short distance. However, driving for long hours on an unfamiliar road can be exhausting. Therefore, the best alternative is choosing a professional car transport company that helps in arranging a pick-up and drop-off of your vehicle at the best price.

Ship a Car, Inc. is a vehicle shipping company that helps you to move your car, motorcycle, truck, or any other vehicle from one place to another all over the nation. The auto transportation services by Ship A Car Incorporated. are safe and reliable. They provide door-to-door services nationwide and hence are one of the top vehicle transportation companies. They provide complete vehicle coverage throughout the shipping process for just a small-added fee.   

People take utmost care of their vehicle because it is very precious to them. There are very few chances for the damage of the car during shipping. However, we always have a fear of handing over our vehicle to strangers thinking anything might happen during the transit. 

Therefore, insurance can help to overcome this stress and provide you peace of mind throughout the process. 

Things to Know About Car Shipping Insurance  

  • Auto-transport companies should have their own auto-insurance: 

Just like a car owner, the auto transport company must also have insurance. As per the United States Department of Transportation, it is mandatory for all auto transport companies to carry liability and cargo insurance. This means that the auto shippers are responsible to cover any damage caused during transit. 

  • Review the insurance policy of the auto transport company: 

The insurance amount may vary from one company to another depending on their terms and conditions. Therefore, always make sure to review the policy of the auto shipper. If the company does not cover the genuine value of your car, then you need not continue with them. 

  • Clearly understand the policy of the auto-shipper: 

Many terms in the policy, may not be clear and understandable. Therefore, you need to clarify all your doubts before proceeding. Understand the types of damages that they cover and the limitations of the policy.

  • Request for a copy of the insurance certificate of the auto transporters:

A genuine company will always be happy to present proof of their insurance certificate without hesitating. If you find the company is not sure enough to share this detail with their customers, then you need to move on to another company. 

  • Remove if there are any items from the car:

Make sure to check your car thoroughly and remove if there are any possessions left in the car. Your car should be empty when you ship it. 

  • Inspect your car:

A proper inspection of the car is mandatory. Take pictures of the vehicle at the time of transport and compare the same after its delivery. Record if there is any damage like scratches and dents. This step is important, as you require detailed documentation when filing a claim. 

Therefore, insurance is equally necessary to both, the car owner as well as the auto transport company.  

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