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Like almost any technical device, a mechanical watch also needs the energy to function. It receives this from the mainspring located in the barrel, which is tensioned via the winding crown – in automatic movements and the rotor. The time that a watch like Rolex Oyster runs from fully winding the mainspring to its complete relaxation without being resupplied with energy is known as the power duration of power autonomy. In common parlance, power reserve and power duration are used synonymously.

An Additional Hand Indicates The Power Reserve.

Otherwise, a pointer usually takes over the power reserve indication, which is connected to the winding mechanism via a gear. When you pull it up, the information moves to one end of the scale; when the mainspring loses its force, it moves – significantly more slowly – towards the other end. In historical precision watches, the dials were usually labeled with “Up” and “Down,” which is why many brands still use these designations for classically designed models.

The power reserve display function is exciting on hand-wound and automatic watches with a long-running time: Thanks to the collection, a timepiece with a ten-day movement does not have to be stressed by too frequent winding.

Watch fans who find additional functions with rotating hands dull also have options. For example, on some Panerai manufacture watches, the display of the remaining power reserve runs linearly on a horizontal scale thanks to a toothed rake.

Unusual Gear Reserve Indicators

When Snow Drop Three of HYT time is recorded using a liquid, in addition, one eye of the colorful skull serves as a power reserve indicator. The disc for the power reserve is located in the right eye, and the second disc rotates on the left.

Hublot uses a unique power reserve display for the Big Bang Meca-10. It is realized using a rack and pinion transmission, at six o’clock, the wearer can read the remaining power reserve in days on a gear wheel in a red frame.

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