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The islands of Bangkok provide an idealized refuge from the daily grind of the coastal zone. Few are especially large, and the great majority are unpopulated, with many surrounded by stunning beaches and calm waters. There are also some excellent activities like scuba diving, plunging, and fishing near Bangkok. Since none of these events or experiences are commonly available in Bangkok, here are few islands that one should visit when visiting Thailand or near Bangkok.

Coral island (Koh Larn)

Coral Island is the biggest of the islands accessible through Bali Hai Pier and the only one with a permanent population. There are a few local accommodations in the village around the key bridge – Na Ban – and around the island’s most enormous beaches. Although sea kayaking is feasible and the corals are beautiful, the high volume of boat traffic requires you to keep your composure. Coral Island has a small channel of significant streets and plenty of songtaews and motorcycles services to take you to the beautiful beaches.

Koh Sak

This U-shaped island consists of only two amazing beaches connected by a road. The northwestern beach, inside the terrace, is about 250m long and famous for lounging and relaxing, with a few local restaurants. Swimmers and scuba divers are especially fond of the island and its coastal islands. The protected bay is ideal for beginners, with plenty of hard corals and fascinating sea life, including a few bottlenose dolphins and sea creatures.

Bamboo Island or Koh Phai

Bamboo Island, also known as Koh Phai, is the largest of a small group of islands. It includes various kinds of beaches such as Koh Klung Badan, Koh Luam, Koh LuamNoi, and Koh Man Wichai. It is effortless to reach the bamboo island. It takes hardly a 2-hour drive from Pattaya to get to the island, which is about 23 kilometers away. Diving or scuba diving around the beautiful marine life is allowed, as is lounging on the beachfront.

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