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Anodizing Precision Machined Components | Pioneer Service Inc

Anodizing is one of the easiest processes used to keep aluminium safe from any damage by providing the aluminium material with a coating of aluminium oxide. If you are into business, which involves aluminium, you need to know about anodizing and this article may provide you the basics of anodizing. Anodizing is created through electrochemical conversion and it makes the material more durable. This process is frequently used for aesthetic purposes. There are various types of anodizing you may choose as per your need. The benefits of anodizing include durability and an increase in the service life. Apart from this, the protection afforded by the application is also of great significance. Anodized surfaces, if they accumulate dirt or stains, can be cleaned by detergent easily.

Metals that can be anodized

As you know by far the basics of anodizing, you may want to know which metals use this process to protect the surface from corrosion and other harmful reaction. The process is commonly used to prevent corrosion on aluminium alloys, for example, dock components, ship hulls, oil rigs, etc. Another use of anodizing is to control abrasion. You may apply anodizing to materials that are open to air, water or are in constant movement or contact. The most commonly anodized metal is aluminium. Other than aluminium, the process can anodize magnesium and titanium.

The way anodizing is done

The anodizing process is electrochemical. The process is very common commercially and involves a few steps. You need to take an alloy of aluminium and submerge it in a tank. The tank needs to contain an electrolyte solution which commonly contains acid. The type of acid for anodizing depends on the application, so you need to know everything about the metal. After successfully submerging, an electric current is passed through the aluminium alloy, where the aluminium is the anode as it is anodized. The cathode, in this process, is lead or aluminium. After that, the aluminium is oxidized by the electric current. Here, you can get the material with a thick layer of aluminium oxide to protect it from rusting.

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