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Breast augmentation become the most requested cosmetic procedure by women in the world of surgery for many years. Each woman has personal reasons as they decide to undergo the process. The four possible reasons are: First, women have lost the volume of their breasts after pregnancy and breastfeeding. Second, the unbalance shape and size of their breast makes them decide on surgery. Third, women have many breast tissues and want to improve their curves making them more feminine. Fourth, women who have undergone surgery dues to diseases like breast cancer make their breasts asymmetrical.

This give more details about breast augmentation especially when you are considering having one in the nearest future. Here are the following:

The Initial Consultation

In this step, the plastic surgeon will discuss the list of surgery that would be ideal for your breast condition. The surgeon will recommend the best techniques suitable for the condition of the breast from its size, shape, position, elasticity, and degree of sagging.  He will give instructions on what to prepare before and on the day of the surgery. Additionally, he will discuss as well the commitments you will be needing on and after the breast augmentation procedure.

On The Day of the Breast Augmentation Surgery

The initial part of breast augmentation surgery is the administration of anesthesia. In doing this, the surgeon may choose between general or sedation anesthesia of which is appropriate, or the best options for the client. Next to this part is the incision of the breast which is to be done somewhere along the breast contours to make it firm, followed by removing the excess skins to tighten the supporting part of the breast to enhance its shape.

Generally, the clients’ choice matters a lot in the surgery process. The surgeon may move the breast a little higher and reposition the nipple and areola for a younger firmness of the breasts. If a woman is unhappy with the size of their areola, then reducing its size is the best thing to do by the surgeon itself. The entire surgery process may take about two to three hours to complete which includes the waiting time needed for the patient to do after the process as the surgeon is going to observe its results.

After The Breast Augmentation Surgery

The results of the process are immediately observable after the procedure. However, pain and discomfort are expected to experience, some even feel numbness throughout their breast which is normal in the process of healing. The surgeon recommends having a week off work to avoid over fatigue and strenuous activities. Also, to lessen such pain, the surgeon provides pain medication while the patient is in the process of recovery. 

Indeed, breast augmentation is painful but knowing that the services that you will be having are worthwhile then it’s completely alright. Visit a surgeon, finalize your decision, then go for it! Do some research and do not settle for something less because the process is not as A, B, and C.

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