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When you sell a business, you’re giving up a piece of yourself. But a successful exit is possible, and it can be as exciting and challenging as selling a car. Listed below are some tips to help you sell a business. Keep in mind that these tips are not intended to replace the advice of your business advisors. Instead, they are meant to help you navigate the process with confidence. A good broker will take the burden off your shoulders, but be sure to keep an open mind.

Prepare all necessary financial documents to prepare businesses for sale. Often, 20% of a business is made up of one client. This is problematic because it decreases profitability. To make it profitable, diversify your client base. Also, prospective buyers want to see clean financial statements. Make sure to keep your financial statements clean for three years. If you can’t provide them, your business’s value may suffer. Be prepared to accept a lower offer than you originally thought.

Get a written agreement from your broker or banker. Make sure that you understand all of the details, including the amount payable and the obligations of the buyer. Unlike the seller, buyers have different perspectives on selling a business. Make sure you digest their guidance and make the right business decisions. You can save a lot of time by avoiding common time-wasters. When you sell a business, don’t forget to get a non-disclosure agreement signed.

Decide on a timing strategy. You should begin planning the sale at least a year in advance. This will give you ample time to improve your financial records, customer base, and other important aspects of your business. Also, you should prepare a business appraisal. Your accountant can help you determine the proper price for your business.

When selling your business, it’s important to follow accounting standards. Having all of your key data organized can make or break a deal. Your executive summary and marketing plan will help potential buyers make the best decision for your business. You may want to consider hiring a broker to help you, but a business valuation calculator can help you determine a reasonable price. You can also prepare the necessary paperwork yourself and take the lead to sell your business.

A business valuation is an important component of any deal. While the traditional perspective is that a business can be sold for a lot less than its value, this is not the case anymore with technology, data, and transparency. A business valuation varies widely depending on the industry. Service companies, for example, have high valuations at the moment. Among the industries that are attracting high valuations are logistics and transportation, property management, and home services.

It’s important to provide all relevant financial documents, including the most recent interim financial report. You should also provide all employee benefits agreements and legal documents. The buyer will want to review all of the financial documents, as well as the culture and practices of the business. When preparing to sell a business, you should make sure to answer all relevant questions honestly. If a business owner has been operating it for many years, adjusting to life after selling it may prove to be more difficult than it appears.

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