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Xo slot games can be played through a website or app. You can now download the games through the QR code available on the website. We will have a look at how to download the games through the step-wise procedure given below.

Steps to download the xo slot games

You can now head over to the website and scan the QR codes given there. This will redirect you to the play store or apple store depending upon the operating system your mobile or computer uses. Click on the install button. The games will be installed on your PC or mobile.

Before starting the games, the app might request for few permissions to be accessed which can make your gaming experience a smooth ride. After you accept, you can now log in to the games using your username and password.

The homepage will be displayed and you can choose any of the games to play with and bet on. Note that if you are in offline mode, then you won’t be able to bet and earn money. If you want to bet with other players, then you must put the Internet connection on.

These are the set of steps you need to follow for downloading and playing xo slot games. They are fun to play with and have simple rules which makes it easier for new players. Professional players might already be familiar with the rules and regulations due to which they require no new introduction for those.

Xo slot Fish Hunting Game

The xo slot fish hunting game is one of the most popular games among all the players irrespective of age. For playing games on the website, you need to be at least 18 years or older. Players can register with their bank accounts on the xo slot website.

Fishing games are a bit expensive as compared to other xo slot games. You require a minimum amount for registering and betting for the fish games. Most people subscribe to the monthly or annual pack due to which the overall cost they have to pay is a lot lesser.

If you like the fish hunting game and wish to play more than once a day, we suggest you subscribe to either of the two plans, monthly or annually. You will also be eligible to win gifts and bonuses as you register for the subscription plans of the xo slot website.


If you are inclined towards Xo slot archery, you can play and bet on the archer game of the xo slot website. Here you can either play by yourself or bet on a character who will be representing you in the game. If the character wins, you win the bet or else lose.

If you lose the bet, you can register again and bet on some other player. There is no fixed limit to the number of betting chances a player gets while being active on the xo slot website. Try registering and playing the archery game on slotxok.

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